Play school in Ghaziabad

 Play school in Shastri Nagar Ghaziabad

At KangarooKids, Best Play Schools in Shastrinagar  we are a pre-school offering that incorporates 21st century education solutions into best educational practices in early childhood education. Every developing mind will be successful in their educational journey if they are provided with the right combination of self-directed learning with teacher-led instruction. Every Kangarookids Play school in Ghaziabad, child is capable of becoming competent learners if they follow our curriculum.

With a network of 1100+ nursery schools operating across 400+ cities, Kangaroo Kids playschool is ranked amongst one of the top preschool chains in India.

With the use of technical aids, Kangaroo Kids preschool in Ghaziabad, NCR aims to teach the little ones a research-based curriculum. Our goal is to develop the foundation of toddlers with value-based learning while providing core preschool education and fostering life skills at a young age.

Our Play School in Ghaziabad, NCR consists of a child-oriented environment with specialised teachers for a better learning and fruitful day at kindergarten. 

We Kangaroo Kids provides a complete package of Montessori programs for toddlers ranging from 2 to 5 years old, starting with playgroup, nursery, lower kindergarten, and upper kindergarten.

We Ensure that all levels are followed by a definite curriculum and that admission kits are provided at the time of enrollment. By catering to various sections of society and being one of the best preschools in India, we’ve made preschool education affordable and accessible to everyone who wishes for a brighter future.

As part of our commitment to mold a child into a responsible and caring individual, we teach them Moral Responsibility and logical understanding so that they can succeed in academics and higher education. In the early stages of a child’s learning journey, he or she learns basic etiquette at a play school. As the early stages of any child’s learning journey are critical, every parent wants their child’s concept to be clearly understood.

With Kangaroo Kids, your child will gain the best knowledge at a young age. Your child can attend the best play school in Ghaziabad, where he or she can learn productively and have fun at the same time. Kangaroo Kids is one of the best play school in Ghaziabad, playing an important role in grooming young children from a young age. As a company, we strive to introduce innovative teaching and learning methods to India and across the globe.

Kangaroo Kids believes that children deserve stress-free childhoods, and that education can be a happy medium for them. The joy of learning can be discovered by all children, and it is possible and desirable to make it enjoyable. Your child’s preschool education can be easy to find with KangarooKids and our team. Parents’ final choice of preschool depends on a variety of quality factors, including facilities, safety features, and updated contact information.

To ensure that you have peace of mind, we assess preschools using advanced search options on facilities, safety features, and updated contact information. Parents should consider a variety of factors when choosing a school for their child, including curriculum, safety, staffing, attention, and so on. KangarooKids is one of the best Play school in Ghaziabad so you can make the right decision for your children.

Play school in Ghaziabad

Best Pre-School & Play School  in Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad

Children are taught social skills, a sense of joy, cognitive development, and school readiness by participating in Play school in Ghaziabad.
In Rajnagar, Play Schools follow a culture of child-directed activities, an engaging curriculum, and a method of learning that is interactive and fun for them. Play school in Ghaziabad offer many features that make learning fun for children:

1. The curriculum is designed with learning materials, games, and activities that are child-friendly.

2. In order to catalyze brain development, motor skills, and creative abilities, there needs to be a right balance between play and learning.

3. Hands-on activities and interactive reading, recitation, writing, number exercises, arts, and crafts activities will enhance learning.

4. Children learn better when their teachers understand the psychology of children’s learning and how to make learning enjoyable for them.

5. Climbing, running, throwing, jumping, and swinging are all activities children can enjoy in a play area with safe and secure games and swings.

In addition to these features, Kangarookids is also a good place for children to develop well because it has many other reasons to be a great place.
These distinctive features are reflected in the preschools in Rajnagar, which lay the foundation for a child’s future.

Play school in Shastri Nagar Ghaziabad

Best preschool in Kavi Nagar Ghaziabad

KangarooKids is play school near Kavi Nagar Ghaziabad which is one of the most prominent names among preschool teachers, serving children in the age group of two to five years.
Apart from being appreciated by our students and parents, we are also constantly inspired to innovate in playschool education as a result of their constant inspiration. Our preschool program aims to provide the best preschool education in the darkest corners of the society. With our best facilities and academics, we strive to provide education for all.

By facilitating everyone with an international education infrastructure and curriculum, we aim to reach out and meet the growing educational needs of the country. To help raise good people, we will continue to bring innovations that will enhance learning and make it faster, more exciting and more enriching.

Keeping high standards of quality education involves updating faculty members’ skills and knowledge on a regular basis. As a result of the evaluations, additional training needs are identified for faculty members. In addition to teaching methodologies, technology in the classroom, and similar topics, faculty members must attend mandatory training sessions every year.