best school in ghaziabad

Best school in Ghaziabad

Kangaroo Kids best school in Ghaziabad

Kangaroo Kids has been in the preschool industry for over 29 years. Among the accolades Kangaroo Kids International Preschools and Billabong High International Schools have received are numerous awards. As children, we are inherently learners. We are naturally inclined to explore, discover, and share our newly acquired knowledge with family and friends. In today’s age, for a child to grow up into a responsible and responsive citizen, indeed a sensitive global citizen, a whole new mindset is vital in imparting learning in school that addresses a child’s multifarious developmental needs. In the pursuit of this goal, Kangaroo Kids created some of India’s prestigious educational institutions and took initiative in the field of education.

Our vision is to be the best school in Ghaziabad

As a result of our vision, children will leave the best school in Ghaziabad with the following moral values: honesty, integrity, good judgement, tolerance, and respect for others. An enquiring mind and a desire for knowledge, along with discrimination, strong self-esteem, and high personal expectations, and a variety of basic skills – linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, physical and social.

best school in ghaziabad

For a child to stand out brightly in this competitive world, both physical and mental development are important. We ensure this by providing opportune learning.

The Kangaroo Kids School is dedicated to its motto – ‘Empower, Enthuse and Excel’ – by providing quality education and instilling the necessary values in every child. With the best school in Ghaziabad, education is for LIFE.

Our prime mission is to provide opportunities through a stimulating, safe and supportive environment for attaining personal mastery and building team spirit through collaborative learning. Students are encouraged to develop curiosity, reflection, mental flexibility, independence, and self-discipline as habits. To become proactive and responsible world citizens, we encourage students to develop not only the knowledge, understanding, and skills they need to succeed in the 21st century, but also strong moral values, especially appreciation and respect for different cultures and religions. It is normal for children to develop at different rates. Kangaroo Kids understands this perfectly and provides an ideal learning environment where our young learners are not restricted in their learning endeavours.

Today, New Era School, Ghaziabad, is one of the most progressive schools in the city and neighbouring National Capital Region. NES has a rich heritage spanning over 25 years and has carved out a reputation for academic excellence both in the academic and co-scholastic domains.

New Era School, affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi, was founded by Kangaroo Kids in 1994 with a commitment to providing excellent educational opportunities and services to diverse communities as well as inspiring students to contribute to the development of a responsible society.

It is located in Shastri Nagar, Opp. Diamond Palace, Ghaziabad -201002. With our infrastructure, facilities, teaching methodologies, and academic rigour, Kangaroo Kids holds a special place within the academic landscape of Ghaziabad – NCR and in the hearts of its students and teachers.

The best aspects of traditional, progressive instructional and learning practices are incorporated into our pedagogical approach. We prepare students for the opportunities, choices, and challenges ahead; we are an institution that mentors informed, opinionated, independent global leaders and creates progressive champions of change in a holistic learning environment.

Kangaroo Kids, which was just a fledgling in 1994, has today grown into a well-known Senior Secondary School in the city and has gained the reputation of being a preferred destination for K-12 educational needs of students with an outstanding academic, athletic, and co-curricular program. Our commitment to helping you achieve your ambitions and unlock your true potential continues as we embark on an aggressive growth trajectory.